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There is no doubt that being a police officer in today’s society is extremely hard to do. People look at police officers and critique them left and right. The truth of the matter is every police officer knows that every time they put that badge and gun on, they are putting their lives on the line for people who may not even like them or respect them, so why would they do it? Well in essence, it is because people care more about their neighborhood and community then they do themselves, and the world sorely needs people like this.

Future Outlook

Now if you are one of those who are thinking about becoming a police officer in the future you may be wondering what the future looks like for police department hiring police officers in Nebraska? Now the good news is that the police departments plan to grow at about 4% with about 110 new jobs opening each year.

Now that is good growth, and what also helps is that police officers make decent money in Nebraska. Now please understand, no amount of money will replace a person if they are hurt in the line of duty, however it does help when you are paid reasonably well.

Now on average police officers in the state of Nebraska make about $52,000 which is good money. Now that salary is not including overtime. Overtime is something all good police officers should make, because of the nature of the job. As police officers do their job, they will make criminal arrests. Now as police officer make arrests that means they will go to court, and when they go to court, sometimes that will be on their days off, which will result in overtime. Now no officer will ever get rich doing this job, but they can do well.

Minimum Requirements

Now with the good pay and overtime all recruits can expect that all police jobs in Nebraska will be very competitive so there are certain basic requirements all candidates must meet before being considered for hire. First, all candidates must be a United States citizen. Second, they must be at least 21 years of age. Third, they must have a high school diploma or GED. All candidates must also be able to read at least on the 11th grade reading level. Lastly they must have a valid drivers license for the state of Nebraska.

Now if all those requirements are met, there are certain tests all candidates must meet to continue on in the process. They must go through a physical exam by a licensed doctor to show they are healthy enough to do the job, and get through the academy. Now if they can do that then the candidate will have to pass a physical fitness test, which will include sit ups, bench press, leg press and the dreaded mile and a half run. If the candidate masked it through all of that then they will go through the intense background investigation.

Now the key with the background investigation, is that they are going to dig to find out about the candidate. They will do a criminal history check, and check for driving under the influence charges. Now they will talk to relatives, neighbors, references, and past employers to get a full overview of you. Now if a candidate makes it through all of this and gets offered a job, then they can go to the police academy.

Academy Life

Now once a candidate enters the police academy, their eyes will be wide open. From the time they start in the academy, they will realize that this is serious business. The instructors charged to train the recruits realize and recognize that they are shaping future police officers, and they want to make sure the officers are the best they can be. There is a lot of training that goes on in the academy, but here we will highlight just a few.

Physical training is a huge part of the training that recruits will go through. The reason in because police work is physical work. In the academy they will push you harder then you have ever been pushed before. Recruits will do more push ups, sit ups, mountain climbers, jumping jacks and a lot of running. As a matter of fact a lot of times suspects run, and police officers are the ones who chase them. Physical training is crucial to the job.

Part of the other training will take place in the classroom. One of the classes that will be done in the classroom is the teaching of criminal and traffic codes for the state of Nebraska. Now knowing the codes is vital, because that teaches the recruit the elements of different crimes, so the recruit will know the right charges to place on a suspect. They will not only learn the codes for their own state, but they will do federal codes as well.

Now another important training class is patrol functions. Patrol functions will teach the recruits how to do things patrol officers do everyday. As recruits do this training, they will be taught how to do proper building searches, radio communications, how to properly handcuff a suspect, how to properly search a suspect for drugs and eapons, how to properly write a police report, and even how to properly testify in court. All of these things are very important to a police officer on a daily basis, so they need to be trained on them properly.

Now the next two courses are the most enjoyed by recruits. The first is firearms training. All police officers have to carry a firearm, but in some cases recruits have never held a gun before so firearms training is something all recruits need. They will be taught firearm safety, and how to take their gun apart and put it back together. They will also be taught how to clean their weapon. They will be taught marksmanship and combat shooting. The most important thing they will be taught is when to shoot or not shoot.

Another class of training is defensive driving, and this is a lot of fun for recruits. Driving is something police officers do every day, but high speed driving is not something everyone is used too. However police officers will have to drive at high rates of speed often, so they will practice in the academy. They will also learn the proper way to position their car on traffic stops for cover, for themselves. They will also drive through an obstacle course at a very high rate of speed to get used to it. One of the last things they will be taught is when it is okay to pursue or not pursue.

So all of these classes and many more are designed to teach recruits how to become good police officers. Now at the end, if the recruit passes the written exam and graduates the academy, then it is off to their department as a police officer

Post Graduation

Once a recruit graduates the academy, then it is back to their department. Once back at their department they will be partnered up with a veteran officer, who is a field training officer. The field trying officer is certified as a training officer. Their job is to teach the rookie officer how to apply what they learned in the academy to the road. The training officer will also teach the policy and procedures for the department. After the rookie officer comes off field training, the they will have the opportunity to show what they can do.

Now one of the best things about becoming a police officer is rookie officers can eventually work their way up the rank structure, which is a great opportunity. Besides moving up the rank structure, there are lots of specialized units that officers can apply to work in, which can be exciting, and fun.

If a person is thinking of becoming a police officer, now is the perfect time to do it in Nebraska.

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