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So you have always wanted to be a police officer in the wonderful state of Georgia. However becoming a police officer in the state of Georgia is serious business, because that is a profession where people have to make life changing decisions in a matter of minutes, or even seconds.

However most people choose to become police officers because they want to make a difference in their community and towns. A lot of times movies and television shows help people want to become police officers based on what they see on the big screen. The truth is real police work is nothing like what you see on the big screen, this is real life, this is real issues.

Outlook And Future Projections

The great thing is that if you are thinking about becoming a police officer in the state of Georgia, the future looks good.

Georgia has a very low cost of living, which is good because the average salary for police officers is about $37,000. A police officer can also expect to make overtime, because overtime comes quite often too good police officers. Good police officers do a good job, which means they make a lot of arrest. Since officers make a lot of arrest they will see a lot of court, which sometimes will be on their days off, which means overtime pay. It is also expected that growth will continue to be good, and new officers will be hired at a rate of 8% which is good. The key element is with all the negative press police officers have been getting lately, departments are looking for officers with good integrity and moral character.

Minimum Requirements

The job of a police officer is a very competitive career path, and is no different in the state of Georgia. There are certain minimum requirements all candidates must meet. First you must be a United States citizen. Second you must be at least 18 years old. Third you must have a high school diploma or GED. Fourth you must be clean of any felonies or repeated misdemeanors. If you meet these requirements, then you need to pick out a police academy that you want to attend.

Tests And Examinations

Now besides those minimum requirements, all potential candidates will have to take a written examination, and a physical fitness test. There will be other things that are required, including submitting to a background investigation, and also taking a drug screening test. Of course both of those make sense because no department wants an officer with a drug problem or criminal history. Now if you make it past all of that, it becomes different from most other different departments throughout the United States, because the candidate will be interviewed by the police academy they are looking to attend.

Length Of Police Academy And Cost

Now once you decide on the police academy that you want to enroll in, you can expect that your training will last at 11 weeks, and you will log over 400 hours of intense, tough training. As far as cost goes, the average candidate will pay, $3093 dollars, but the good thing is there is financial available, and the GI bill do help out as well.

What Will The Police Academy Be Like

Once a potential recruit walks through the doors of the police academy, the very first thing he will realize is that this is nothing like the comedy movies Police Academy. The instructors are very intense, and very strict, and very harsh, because they have to be. It is much like a drill instructor in the military, they are to take these raw police recruits and turn them into future police officers, and that is serious business. Second you will quickly learn that not everyone will make it out of the academy, and not everyone is made for this job.

They will drill you and drill you on proper patrol functions and they will push you harder then you have ever been pushed. They will challenge your mental toughness to see how bad you want to be a police officer. You will have physical training everyday, and you will learn your criminal and traffic codes. They will teach you how to talk on the radio, and how to drive you vehicle at high rates of speed. They will show you how to operate your firearm, and how to clean your firearm, and when to use your firearm.

They will also teach you things that you probably could care less about, like report writing, how to testify in court, how to handcuff a suspect, how to search a suspect for weapons or drugs, and what probable cause is all about, and when you hav to give a suspect his Miranda warnings.

There are many other things they will work with a recruit on, but the important thing to understand is that the police academy is designed to get you prepared for the very worse things that you will deal with. Police work is not for the weak, and that is why the police instructors have to make sure it is the right job for you, or make sure if it is not for you, that you get out before some-one gets hurt.

Post Graduation

Once you graduate the academy, you have something to be truly proud of. You have done what very people could do, so take a moment and relax. Now you probably don’t want to hear this, but when you come out of the academy you will still have training. You will have a field training officer, whose job is to see if and when you are ready to be released. Now a field training officer is not just any patrol officer, this person will have gone through a field training course and will have been certified to train rookie police officers. He will take what you learned in the classroom and apply it to real world, and you will show what you are capable of doing,

Now Is The Perfect Time

If you are thinking of becoming a police officer, do not wait. All police departments through the nation are going through tough times right now, because of the bad choices of some bad police officers, and the police departments need quality people. Not only are police departments looking for good people, but so are the communities we al, live in and work in, so make a choice and help our nation heal.

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