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One of the most glamorized careers by the movies and television, is police work. However becoming a police officer is not as glamorous as the media portrays. Police officers usually see people at their hardest time, and usually in their worse times. However police officers also have the opportunity to help people get through those tough times. That is the main reason people choose to become police officers, people want to help people. Police officers usually want to make difference in their communities and in their neighborhoods. People are willing to put their lives on their line, when it is important enough to them.

Future Outlook

So if you decide you want to become a police officer in the state of Connecticut, then you may be wondering what the outlook for police officers.

Now the good news is that police officers in Connecticut make a very good salary. They are paid better then most police officers in the United States. The average annual salary is about $64,000. Now it is projected that the growth of departments will be at a rate of 4.5% and there will be about 240 job openings a year.

Minimum Requirements And Exams

Because becoming a police officer in Connecticut is very competitive, there are certain minimum requirements all candidates must meet, and exams they must pass in order to get hired. The minimum requirements are pretty simple. All candidates must be a United States citizen, and they must have a high school diploma or GED. The potential candidate must be at least 21 years old. All candidates must have a valid drivers license. All applicants can not have any felony convictions or any class A or class B misdemeanors. All applicants will also have to be fingerprinted.

Now there are certain exams they will have to pass as well. All applicants will have to go through a drug screening, because police departments can not afford to have a police officer addicted to drugs. They will also have to through a polygraph exam. All candidates will have to through a psychological examination, to make sure they are mentally stable to handle this stress filled job. They also have to go through a medical examination to make sure they are healthy enough to do this job.

Now if they pass all of this, then they will go through a very intense background investigation. The purpose of this investigation is to make sure the applicant does not have a criminal history, and they will talk to past employers,neighbors, friends, family and references. They want to make sure you have integrity and good moral character. Now if a recruit is offered a job, then the next step is the police academy.

Academy Life

Now as a young recruit enters the academy, their world is getting ready to turn upside down. However the police academy is vital to turning out potential good police officers. As soon as you enter the academy, be prepared to work out hard and every-day. Candidates will do a lot of running, push-ups, sit-ups, mountain climbers, leg lifts, squats and even jumping jacks to name a few. Physical training will make you stronger, but it will also breed the fighter instinct in you, so you will not quit on the street.

All candidates will also go through some classroom training. Part of what you will be taught in the classroom is report writing, courtroom testimony, and criminal and traffic codes for your state. Now you will also be taught federal codes as well.

Now recruits will also be trained on patrol functions, which will include things like proper handcuffing techniques, proper ways to search suspects for drugs and weapons, and even how to handle domestic complaints. These are some of the things a recruit will be trained on in the patrol function training.

Now all recruits will also spend a lot of time on the firearms range. The firearm is something all police officers will rely on. All officers hope to never have to use their gun, but in case they do, there are certain things they will need to know. They will be taught how to take their gun apart and put it back together. You will also be trained on how to clean your gun. The range instructor will also show you how to clear jams on your gun. Candidates will also be taught when to shoot and not shoot. Range instructors will also work on target shooting.

Now one of the more fun things that all recruits love to do is patrol driving techniques. Driving a car is one of thing, however driving a patrol vehicle at high speeds is another thing. All recruits will be taught how to drive defensively, whether or not to engage in a pursuit, how to park the patrol vehicle to protect yourself on a traffic stop, and they will also require you to drive an obstacle course.

Post Graduation

Now after a police recruit graduates the police academy, their career is just getting started. As you go to your department, you will go through a field training program, which is when a rookie officer gets trained by a veteran officer. As you progress through your training, you will prove yourself ready to go on your own. After you go on your own you can start to think about you future.

You have a lot to look forward too. You can move up through different ranks or you can apply for different specialized units. Specialized units can consist of units like traffic, narcotics, homicide, criminal investigations, and community policing just to name a few.

There is many different opportunities for most police officers, and the great thing about police work is that no matter where you start, you can always move up and make a difference in your community and neighborhoods. There is no better time to become a police officer then right now, because police departments need people with good integrity, and outstanding moral character.

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