Hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the state of Alabama hire qualified recruits to take on the daily challenges of patrolling the streets. They pay competitive rates and offer significant benefits including medical insurance, retirement plans, and paid leave. Although... read more »


In spite of its sparse population, the state of Alaska has well-organized law enforcement agencies that function for the safety of the residents. Wildlife investigators stay quite busy; meanwhile pilots move troopers to their designated service areas and back. Traffic... read more »


The state of Arizona is more than just the home of the Grand Canyon. It is a vast land of diverse terrain that is inhabited by more than six million people. Although Phoenix has the largest number of residents, Tuscon... read more »


Since the median income level in Arkansas is lower than in most states, the region’s crime rate is relatively high. Little Rock in particular needs strong, capable men and women to enforce the law and ensure the safety of its... read more »


A lot of young children have this hope and dream to one day become police officers, and there is nothing wrong with it. Many people often times wonder why do people become police officers? Probably the most common reason is... read more »


Every state needs good police officers, including Colorado. However the true question is why does anyone want to become a police officer, with the way society is? A police officer understands that every time they go out to do their... read more »


One of the most glamorized careers by the movies and television, is police work. However becoming a police officer is not as glamorous as the media portrays. Police officers usually see people at their hardest time, and usually in their... read more »


So, you want to be a police officer in the state of Delaware, huh? First, there are certain things that you need to know about and understand. A lot of times people think being a police officer is a glamorous... read more »


A career in law enforcement is both challenging and rewarding. Sworn deputies are among the nation’s most respected officials. In Florida, the various state, county, and city departments offer job opportunities to capable individuals who have completed all training and... read more »


So you have always wanted to be a police officer in the wonderful state of Georgia. However becoming a police officer in the state of Georgia is serious business, because that is a profession where people have to make life... read more »


Police work is a rewarding experience that allows one to experience may different thrilling events from fights and pursuits to assisting crime victims and helping people who are at their worst. Becoming a police officer in Idaho can be a... read more »


What in the world would possess some-one to put their lives on the line every day for some-one they don’t know? If you think about it, that is what police officers do every day, they put their lives on the... read more »


When a person chooses to become a police officer, they know that they are basically putting their lives on the line. What is really even more intriguing is that they are willing to risk all they have for complete strangers.... read more »


The state of Iowa is unique in its low poverty level and below-average crime rate. It houses about one percent of the U.S. population and has only one city (Des Moines) with more than 200,000 residents. As in every state,... read more »


Kansas is a Midwestern state that evokes images of farmland and open plains. Police officers in Kansas have a rewarding and challenging career. Law enforcement officers must have excellent communication skills, practice good judgement, be physically fit and be willing... read more »


The state of Kentucky has more than just mountains and blue grass. It has both large cities and small communities that need professional public safety and law enforcement services. While many individuals express interest in becoming certified peace officers, only... read more »


The boot that is Louisiana is full of tradition and unique communities. From New Orleans, The Big Easy, to Baton Rouge the home of the Louisiana State Tigers, spirit and liveliness rises from every corner of the state. If someone... read more »


Maine is not a state with large cities and endless development. The largest town is Portland with a population of 66,000. Nevertheless, a professional law enforcement structure is essential to the safety of the citizens. Through cooperative efforts between agencies,... read more »


If you are thinking of becoming a police officer in the state of Maryland, Maryland is a good place to do it. Maryland is close to major states like New York, Pennsylvania, and DC. Maryland is growing at a very... read more »


As everyone knows, being a police officer is one of the most intense and dangerous jobs a person can have. In today’s society being a police officer is a very hard job to do. Everyone second guesses a police officer,... read more »


So you want to be a police officer in the state of Michigan, but you are not sure where to begin. Well to become a police officer in any state is a very extensive process. If you are going to... read more »


In the land of 10,000 lakes, law enforcement entails much more than simple traffic stops and parking tickets. Marine patrol units must be on duty consistently, and emergency management is a serious concern. Minnesota’s numerous police departments and sheriff’s offices... read more »


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When joining a police department in the state of Mississippi, one is essentially joining a family. The state is made up of close-knit communities and their agencies have a reputation for fairness and active involvement. For example, many departments take... read more »


The ‘Show Me’ state of Missouri is full of natural beauty. The Midwestern location prides itself in their aesthetic and wants the best peace officers to protect it and the residents, alike. Whether it is Missouri Highway Patrol or Springfield... read more »


Police work is nothing like the movies. A lot of people fall in love with the idea of becoming a police officer from watching television shows and movies. However in all reality police work is very hard work. Police officers... read more »


There is no doubt that being a police officer in today’s society is extremely hard to do. People look at police officers and critique them left and right. The truth of the matter is every police officer knows that every... read more »


A lot of people have dreams of becoming a police officer. The reasons that people choose to become police officers may vary from case to case. In some cases people want to make a difference in their community and help... read more »

New Hampshire

If a person watches enough police buddy movies, they will think police work is glamorous and fun. However police work is very far from glamorous, but it can be exciting. A police officer has a very tough job, where every... read more »

New Jersey

When a person thinks about becoming a police officer, one would have to wonder why? There has to be easier jobs in the world then being a police officer, and putting your life on the line every day. If you... read more »

New Mexico

There are lots of jobs out there that are a lot less dangerous and easier to do then become a police officer. A police officer understands that by the nature of their job, they have to be willing to put... read more »

New York

If you are thinking about becoming a police officer in the state of New York, then you have to understand that it is different then most police departments. The New York police department has the biggest police department in the... read more »

North Carolina

So you live in North Caroling or you are thinking about relocating there, and if you do you are thinking about working as a police officer there. Why is North Carolina a good place to start out as a police... read more »

North Dakota

North Dakota is the most rural state in the union. Farms cover much of the land. There are also several national parks, state parks and recreational areas. Police officers in North Dakota can have a rewarding and exciting career. The... read more »


Peace officers who serve the citizens of Ohio deserve the highest regard for their diligent work. They risk their lives daily so that residents of the Buckeye State can be safe from harm. In spite of its dangers, a career... read more »


As we all know, there are certain jobs that are thankless, and one of those happens to be, being a police officer. Police officers by their very nature and job have to put their lives on the line on the... read more »


Police officers provide a valuable service to communities and individuals. Although, it is dangerous and demanding work many people are attracted to this career. Police officers must be excellent communicators, both verbally and in writing. They need to be willing... read more »


In today’s very unstable times, becoming a police officer is much more dangerous then it has ever been, and police officers have come under much more scrutiny. Now more then ever, police departments need people of honor and integrity, which... read more »

Rhode Island

Every time a police officer prepares and gets dressed for work, there are certain items that they put on, that they never forget. They pullet on a bullet proof vest, which is designed to stop a bullet from going through... read more »

South Carolina

South Carolina is a state that has beautiful landscapes and scenery, but just like most states, they also have a high amount of crime. Because every state has crime, every state including South Carolina needs good quality police officers. The... read more »


So you are thinking about making a difference in your community, but you are not sure what you want to do. Well becoming a police officer is certainly a way to make an impact. Police officers are very important as... read more »


Texas is one of the most well known states throughout the United States. Texas has always been known for the famous Texas Rangers which is famous for law enforcement. However times have changed, but people still want to be police... read more »


When a person truly thinks about becoming a police officer, one has to wonder why would a person choose to do that job. That is a job that is fundamentally dangerous, where people choose to run to danger instead of... read more »


Vermont is a small state, being the second least populated state in the United States. This beautiful New England state, with its rural ambiance, has opportunities for law enforcement careers in city police departments, county sheriff offices and with the... read more »


Virginia is commonly known as the state for lovers, but even a state for lovers has crime. Good people are needed to become good police officers in the state of Virginia, to help curtail criminal activity and potential crimes. While... read more »


Many people want to enter the exciting field of police work. Although police work is a dangerous line of work, police perform a valuable service to our communities. Law enforcement is rewarding, exciting and full variety. Police officers have the... read more »

West Virginia

So you are trying to figure out what to do as a career. Police work is a great career, and has many different opportunities. After a police officer graduates the academy and gets on the road, there are lots of... read more »


Today, in our society we see the need for good police officers, especially with the bad eye that police officers have right now. All departments are looking for good people with high moral character and integrity. Now the true question... read more »


The United States’ least populated state is Wyoming, yet Wyoming is the country’s 10th largest by area. Its wide-open country and beautiful landscape make it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. National Forests and National Parks cover much of the... read more »

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